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Attract Customers with Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED signs offer visibility and versatility that are hard to beat. Nothing makes a lasting impact on passerby traffic like eye-catching custom LED signs. Made in the USA, our outdoor digital business signs are cost-effective, durable, and superior in performance. 

With the ability to customize messages and incorporate vivid images and video, outdoor digital signs for business are an invaluable tool to capture foot traffic and engage with a broader audience. Get more customers by contacting us today for a free quote!

Why Partner With Us for Outdoor Digital Signs for Business

Outdoor LED Signs Made in the USA

Each outdoor LED sign is crafted with precision and care, ensuring top-notch LED signage quality and superior components for peak performance.

Our Digital Sign Services are Turnkey

From design to installation, our full-service sign company handles the entire outdoor digital sign process for you.

LED Business Signs with 5 Year Warranty

Our commitment to quality is backed by a robust five-year warranty, offering peace of mind for your outdoor electronic signs for business.

User-Friendly Electronic Sign Software

Modern, intuitive software for easy content management and display control. Plus, we have free outdoor electronic sign training videos to help you display images, ad copy, and videos to create a lasting impact on your audience. 

Monument LED Signs

LED Monument Signs

Digital monument signs, with their elegant and efficient design, are perfect for small businesses seeking to establish a landmark presence. These electronic signs, accommodating displays up to 12 feet wide, are particularly suitable for retail centers or corporate complexes, offering high visibility as a ground sign. Monument style signs are ideal for making a strong first impression and guiding customers to your location.

independent led sign

Pylon Signs with LED Displays

Our independent LED sign cabinets offer unparalleled flexibility and weather resistance, ideal for businesses that require adaptability in size at any installation height. These led outdoor signs for business are a good fit for unique spatial needs, such as outdoor venues, restaurants, or shopping malls, ensuring your brand is visible in any setting.

digital signs for schools

Integrated LED Signs

Integrated LED signs provide a streamlined, all-in-one solution for businesses looking for an efficient way to combine LED displays and lightbox. These are excellent for medium-sized businesses or pylon sign installations, such as gas stations or fast-food outlets, where clear and concise messaging is key.

Marquis Sign

Outdoor Building Signs

Digital marquee signs are optimal for businesses that require frequent content updates. Their bright, dynamic displays are not just suitable for theaters, schools, and event centers, but also for businesses like supermarkets or cinemas that need to regularly update their offerings and engage customers with new information.

custom LED sign

Custom LED Signs

Our custom LED signs are fully customizable to meet the specific design needs of your business. They are ideal for businesses that prioritize unique, creative messaging that aligns with their brand’s identity, such as design studios or luxury retailers, providing a personalized touch to your advertising strategy.

Types of Outdoor LED Signs for Sale

Outdoor Electronic Signs Prices

When buying in an LED sign for business, pricing options vary based on factors such as sign size, technology, and customization.

Average Range for Outdoor LED Signs Pricing

  • Digital Sign Cost: LED signs typically range from $5,000 to $50,000.
  • Average Cost of Common Sizes: The most common-sized outdoor electronic sign costs between $10,000 and $20,000, balancing visibility and budget.

Features & Product Details of Our Outdoor Electronic Signs for Business

We use the highest quality components and integrated LED video display for superior performance. Our outdoor LED signs come with cutting-edge features like integrated LED technology and ambient light sensors, ensuring vibrant LED displays in any environment. Durable powder-coat paint and a lightweight aluminum frame provide long-lasting quality and easy installation. 

Robust LED Sign Warranty with Lifetime Support

Along with lifetime maintenance and ongoing tech support, our electronic business signs are made with the highest quality components, providing superior performance. They are backed by a robust five-year warranty, offering peace of mind.

Scalable Edge-to-Edge Digital Displays

Our integrated LED display begins at a compact 1′ tall x 3′ long, offering the flexibility to craft the perfect sign for your project. Featuring a sleek zero-trim cabinet design, these LED modules connect to each other, allowing you to add on and build your LED sign to adapt as your marketing needs change.

High Resolution LED Display Technology

Our 4K full-color outdoor LED displays offer high pixel density, and our aluminum sign cabinets meet NEMA IP65 protection standards. Our outdoor LED screens have a luminance above 5000 nits for superior performance. Good digital business sign clarity ensures that your ad is readable and impactful, even from a distance or at sharp angles.

Weatherproof Outdoor LED Signs

Our aluminum sign cabinets meet NEMA IP65 protection standards and are built to excel in even the harshest of environments. The weather controlled LED display and temperature sensor in our outdoor LED business signs are designed to deliver a bright, clear advertisement or promotion, even in direct sunlight, ensuring your sales copy is always visible, no matter the weather conditions.

See Our Work: Electronic Business Signs Installed

Discover the transformative power of our outdoor LED signs through a gallery of our successful installations across various industries.

Key Considerations for Choosing Outdoor LED Business Signs

When selecting dynamic digital signage, specifically outdoor LED signs, there are several critical factors to ensure your message reaches your target audience effectively. These signs, also known as electronic message centers (EMCs), are designed to excel outdoors due to their high visibility and adaptability.

Minimum Viewing Distance: Understanding the minimum distance from which your electronic sign will be legible is essential. 

High Brightness and Luminance: Outdoor LED signs must combat direct sunlight and varying weather conditions. Opt for high-contrast signs with adequate luminance to maintain visibility even in bright light.

LED Display Resolution: The digital display resolution of your exterior LED sign determines your message’s clarity and detail. 

Maintenance and Support: Reliable support and ease of maintenance are crucial for your electric sign’s longevity and consistent performance.

Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency is a key consideration, especially for outdoor electric signs and LED video displays. 

Warranty: A comprehensive warranty can offer peace of mind, protecting your investment against potential issues.

Ensure that your outdoor LED sign — whether a custom, variable-message, or electronic message center — effectively communicates your message with high readability and reaches your intended audience. Remember, the right sign is not just about visibility; it’s about creating a lasting impact at an efficient cost per thousand (CPM).

The Benefits of Outdoor LED Signs for Business

Dynamic LED Signs for Message Flexibility

. Outdoor LED signs offer unparalleled flexibility in messaging. The ability to display multiple messages on one sign means you aren’t limited to a single message and can communicate various aspects of your business, from special promotions to new products, all in one dynamic space. 

Real-Time Updates of Sales Copy

Flexibility is crucial in keeping your advertising fresh and engaging for your target audience. One of the most significant advantages of an outdoor LED sign is the real-time update of messages. Whether it’s a last-minute sale or an urgent announcement, you can modify your ad instantly, ensuring that your communication is always current and relevant.

Low Maintenance and High Durability

Exterior LED signs are designed for durability and require minimal maintenance. The ease of maintaining these signs makes them a cost-effective and reliable choice for long-term use.

Enhanced Ad Visibility for Increased Sales

Outdoor programmable LED signs stand out for their bright, clear displays, which are far more eye-catching than traditional signs. Capture the attention of passersby with a vivid LED screen. 

Digital Signage Software Options & Technical Specifications

For outdoor LED signs, the right software can make all the difference. Our software options are designed for simplicity and effectiveness, ensuring you have total control over your signage content.

Desktop & Mobile App Controls the Digital Display

Our integrated LED display signs offer versatile, user-friendly software options for your content management needs. The Cloud platform, hosted on Amazon AWS, provides remote control of outdoor and indoor LED signs from any internet-enabled device, enabling the creation and scheduling of text, animations, and videos. Multiple user logins for various access levels are available. For traditional, local control, our PC software solution offers advanced scheduling, a full-text editor, support for full-motion videos and animations, comprehensive user manuals, and weekly training webinars. 

Electronic Display Connectivity

Our LED signs are also equipped with diverse connectivity options, including a cellular modem in partnership with Verizon Wireless, a high-speed WiFi bridge kit, and hardline connections for ethernet and fiber, ensuring reliable and adaptable connectivity for all scenarios.

Total Control from Anywhere

Outdoor LED sign software solutions are designed to be user-friendly and efficient, contrasting traditional sign software that can be complex and restrictive. With Cloud Plus, you can manage your sign from any location, using any device, at any time, even while on vacation.

Our Outdoor LED Sign Services

Digital Signage Consultants

Expert digital signage consultant guidance on optimizing outdoor LED signs for maximum impact.

Digital Signage Training

Gain mastery over your digital displays with our concise digital signage software training, offering expert guidance for the optimal use and management of your outdoor LED signs.

Custom Sign Design

Custom signs pair technology with your unique brand and message needs. We design your sign according to your exact specifications to meet your advertising needs. 

Digital Sign Installation Services

Our turn-key, full-service sign company offers professional electric sign installation services to ensure optimal sign performance.

Lifetime LED Sign Support & Sign Maintenance

Our turn-key, full-service sign company offers professional electric sign installation services to ensure optimal sign performance.

Outdoor LED Sign Applications

Our outdoor LED signs offer unmatched visibility and impact, from illuminating cityscapes with digital billboards to enhancing storefronts and durable metal homes.

LED church signs leverage these dynamic displays to communicate effectively with their audience. Each application showcases the adaptability of our LED signs for business, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and innovative designs, such as a weather-controlled display and sign cabinet, to meet diverse requirements.

Outdoor LED Sign FAQ

Are you looking for outdoor LED signs prices? Outdoor digital signs for business vary in cost according to size, design type and resolution, but in general, outdoor electronic signs for businesses range in price from $5,000 to $50,000, or $1,000 to $4,000 per square meter.

Designing content for your outdoor LED sign and utilizing vibrant background images can significantly amplify the visibility of your message. By resizing and adapting full imagery, you can upload captivating visuals onto your outdoor digital sign, making it a focal point that attracts and engages passing customers. The correct copy on a sign face ensures that your outdoor electronic sign communicates captivatingly effective market and sales messaging.

On average, digital LED display signs can operate flawlessly for about 100,000 hours or approximately 11 years of consistent performance at full capacity. You can significantly extend your effective service life by managing your outdoor LED signs' operational intensity and schedule.

Our turn-key full-service sign company in Dothan, Alabama, sells outdoor LED signage nationally to all 50 states.

Understanding the resolution and optimal viewing distance is crucial when selecting outdoor LED sign sizes. See our signage sizing guide before buying an outdoor LED sign.

  • Ultra High Resolution (6mm): Best for close-up viewing (6 meters/20 feet and beyond), ensuring sharp images.
  • High Resolution (10mm): Ideal for moderate distances (10 meters/30 feet and beyond), offering clear visibility.
  • Enhanced Resolution (15mm): Great for various applications (15 meters/50 feet and beyond), balancing clarity and distance.
  • Standard Resolution (20mm): Cost-effective for longer viewing distances (20 meters/65 feet and beyond), maintaining visibility.

Build Your Brand with Cost-Effective Outdoor LED Signs

Embrace the power of outdoor LED signs for business to increase advertising reach. Offering cost-effective visibility and versatile messaging capabilities, these dynamic signs are a smart investment for impactful, high-visibility marketing. With their durability and compelling visuals, outdoor LED signs are indispensable in the modern advertising landscape.

Ready to grow your brand’s presence? Reach out to us at Outdoor LED Signs, and let us guide you in harnessing the potential of LED signs today!